Meeting Saturday, October 10, 2020

 The Country is Blowing Up! We Need to Know!
Scottsdale city council?? Propositions? MCC Attorney!
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President’s Message:

 Can you believe that it is already October? The November election is getting closer and closer. I think that everyone will agree that this has been a most unusual election season. We have held virtual meetings via Zoom and “Go To Meeting” as well as finally being able to resume having a live meeting in September. We have an excellent field of Republican Candidates. At the October meeting we have invited the Scottsdale City Council Candidates who are Republicans to speak as well as Allister Adel, Maricopa County Attorney Candidate. We will also be addressing Prop 208 and the Marijuana Proposition. Even though the Scottsdale Election is non-partisan, we only invite those candidates who are Republicans to speak at our meeting.

I will not be chairing the October Meeting because I will be attending the AzFRW Board of Directors Meeting that is being held the same day as our October meeting. All Club Presidents are automatic members of the Arizona Federation Board of Directors. As members of Paradise Republican Women, you are automatic members of the Arizona Federation and the National Federation of Republican Women. The National Federation was founded in 1938 and the President sits on the Republican National Committee (RNC). At the NFRW Board meetings attendees attend workshops teaching them how to make the clubs in their home states more effective.  They hold their convention every odd year to elect their officers and redefine their mission. I have served on NFRW committees in the past and it is very gratifying to meet and work with Republican Women from around the country. Many of the other state federations and clubs are facing the same issues that we do here in Arizona. As PRWC members you should be receiving e-mails from the Arizona Federation and from the NFRW’s Capitol Connection. If you are not please contact me and we will try to see why you are not. 

As we are nearing the November election, I hope that all of you are doing everything you can to help elect our Republican Slate. That means posting yard signs in your front yard, donating to the candidates and yes, making phone calls. On November 4th, we want to wake up to having a Republican Victory from re-electing President Trump and all of our Republican Candidates, because you did your best to help get them elected.



Barb McMullen, President PRWC


2020 Meeting Dates:
Saturday, September 12- Millennium Resort
Saturday, October 10 – Millennium Resort
Saturday, November 14 – Millennium Resort
Saturday, December 12 – Holiday Party, Millennium Resort

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October Agenda:

November Ballot Propositions, Allister Adel, Maricopa County Attorney
Candidate and Scottsdale City Council Candidates Head PRWC October Program

Ballot Propositions
Voters will decide Proposition 207, which would legalize marijuana for personal use in Arizona.
In 2016, 51 percent of voters rejected a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana. Andrea Kadar will
speak on Prop. 207
The campaign Invest in Ed is backing a ballot initiative, Proposition 208, to increase the income
tax on income above $250,000 (single filing) or $500,000 (joint filing) and distribute the revenue
to teacher salaries, schools, and education programs. Invest in Ed qualified a similar ballot
initiative in 2018, but the courts removed the proposal from the ballot.
Edith LaFerve will speak on “NO ON Prop 208

 Guest Speakers:

Allister Adel, Candidate for County Attorney

Scottsdale City Council Candidates:

Tom Durham for Scottsdale City Council

Becca Linnig for Scottsdale City Council



Guy Phillips

 Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

As we are all starting to venture out to our wonderful activities, the PRWC board would like to ask you to follow these guidelines during our meetings this fall.

For the time being, our meeting will be limited to 50 attendees, not counting various speakers who are not staying for the whole time. We may have up to seven people per table.

It is up to you as an individual with personal responsibility to decide as to whether or not you want to attend and PRWC holds no accountability if anyone becomes ill with Covid-19, should they attend our meeting. Wearing masks are encouraged by the CDC, The McCormick requires them upon entry. It’s recommended to wear unless seated for a meal. We will have a few on hand should you forget.

Please READ
Do not come out if you are ill
Wear a mask when in large groups.
If you have health issues or in a high risk group please take extra precautions when in groups.
Wash hands frequently for 20 seconds
Avoid touching surfaces.
Use hand sanitizer often
Cough into a tissue or your elbow, not your hand.

Thank you for abiding by these guidelines. We hope that everyone is well and safe.

The PRWC Board

Caring for America is based on the belief that problems can be solved more effectively through the generosity and combined energies of individuals than through dependency on government programs.  We support UMOM, a local organization that supports our homeless community.


Women’s Pajamas

sizes S, M, Lg, X-Lg

The NFRW established the Caring for America program to energize and encourage states and clubs to actively support and promote at least one existing community service program, or to initiate a new project to fill an existing need in the community.

The Caring for America program is based on the belief that problems can be solved most effectively through the generosity and combined energies of individual citizens.

UMOM Donations

October 10th

PRWC Caring for America
shopping ideas:
Ross, TJ Max, Marshalls, Walmart,
Target, Burlington, and Costco

Bring your check books (checks made out to UMOM) and/or Credit Cards to donate $25.00

I will coordinate our PRWC team donations!

Thank you for giving,

Linda Weinberger

Caring for America Committee

PRWC October Brunch Registration Information

Active PRWC members will have first priority to register! Open registration to public starts on 9/30.

Thank you for registering to attend the PRWC brunch for October.
We will be meeting a The McCormick Hotel (previously The Millenium) in the McDowell Room on the far end of the lobby towards the back.

Our attendance is limited to 50 people. Please see our Covid-19 Safety guidelines to determine if you should attend. In order to better serve our members & keep our physical distance to some degree, we require on line payment. The on-line secure payment link will take you to our Square account where you can enter your credit or debit card information. The cost for the McCormick brunch is $32. Your payment is your RSVP, unless you are paying for more than yourself. Please send us the names of your guests.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate Walk-in’s at this time. Because we are limited to 50 people, we inevitability will have a waitlist. Priority will be given to active PRWC Members and those who are prepaid. Final RSVP’s are due by Wednesday, October 7, unless we reach our 50 person limit before that time. No refunds for No Shows. If 24 hour notice is given, we may consider offering a refund if we are able to fill your place with someone on the waitlist.

Several volunteers will be serving at the Registration table to assist you.

Name badges will laid out on the table. Please look for yours & pick it up to wear during the meeting. We’d appreciate if you could return it after the meeting.

Thank you for helping us be able to meet in person using practical guidelines to prevent the spread of any illness.

For questions, please contact Val Teich, PRWC 2020 Treasurer at Please contact me if you need assistance paying on line or over the phone. 🙂




Saturday, October 10, 2020
We are back at the Millenium Resort!

7401 N Scottsdale RD

PRWC Millenium Brunch Payment
Please use the secure Square payment link (Pay here button) to make your payment of $32.00 for the October brunch & meeting. Your online payment will be your RSVP. If you are paying for more than yourself, please email names of guests to Val Teich at

 8:00-9:00 Social and Meet the Candidates |

9:00 AM Business Meeting | 9:10AM Breakfast Served | 9:30AM Candidates Forum | 11:00AM Adjourn

$32 per Person

Pay Above

Egg Croissant Sandwich
Scrambled eggs with cheese
and bacon inside a crusty croissant
Breakfast Potatoes
Sliced Fresh Fruit
Assorted Breakfast Pastries with
Butter & Preserves

Coffee, Tea, Juice, & Water






Paradise Republican Women’s Club is now taking registrations for 2021 club registration!

If you have registered since July of 2020, you are automatically on the 2021 list. If you haven’t registered since fall of 2019 – June 2020, we would love for you to reregister and stay involved! Please go to our website and click on the registration form, fill out your current contact information and list committees on which you’d like to serve and pay on line! It’s easy and quick. If you have any questions, please contact Val Teich at or We have paper applications at our meetings as well.

Active members are those whose main club is PRWC. Associate members are those who are members of other regional clubs, but choose to participate in our club as well. You only need to be an active member of one local club. When you join a local club, you are automatically a part of Arizona Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women, added to their emails lists, you will receive information about meetings and conferences, in which you can participate. Please join us! Let’s spread the word to keep Arizona Republican, Free and Safe!


We need your help registering your Christmas card list for the GOP here in Arizona! Whether you want to speak with friends and family directly or call them from the comfort of your home, you can do your part to ensure everyone is ready to participate this November.

We want you to target your circle of influence. You may not think it now, but you have more people in your circle of influence who are not properly registered than you realize. They could be friends that recently moved to a new home and need to update their address, or family members that are worried about current events and are looking to get engaged. You can help them get involved and get paid while you’re at it!

Join our team today to keep America great and make a difference that counts! For more information on payment, please contact me at Erin Morris at

Women for Trump Wednesdays

Come hear Pamela Carter, Deputy Strategic Initiatives Director for Arizona Trump Victory and Deputy Director for Women for Trump Arizona, speak about volunteer opportunities to help President Trump get reelected! For more information, please contact her at or 480-818-0084.

2020 Board Meeting Dates

June 9, 2020

July 7, 2020 (Cancelled)

July 27, 2020 (August Meeting)

September 8, 2020

October 6, 2020

November 10, 2020

December 8, 2020

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