Barb – Opening Statement

Carol Ann – Prayer/Pledge

Val – Financial Report –

Judy – 37 members have paid dues – need 2020 dues paid

Joan Parker – if you don’t have email access, contact Joan will send info in the mail .  anyone in hospital or ill, Joan will send a card.

Carol Ann – 3rd vp ways and means – Maricopa county meeting made $78 – anyone know wholesalers please contact Carol – bring Carol any ideas or if someone wants to serve on her committee please contact –

Barb – next month mini directory name and email address – and/or phone number – some people might not like info posted

Linda Weinberger – every month take donations for Umom – mission is to prevent and stop homelessness – top 5 in USA, largest in AZ – jan mens under garments – next month diapers size 5 and 6 – hours and money are calculated and awards are given

Diana Marsh – 1st vice president – bach/masters from asu, 2 terms in az state house of reps, now Congressman, on 5th term, against abortion, supports vets access to marijuana, opposes the closure gitmo, oppose iran nuke deal, ways and means, freedom caucus, valley fever task force, prisoner workers reform, apprenticeehip for prisoners about to be released,

David Schwiekert

Is growth moral – shortage of trades, big construction setting up training in prisons for construction workers – brought former inmate to dc in ways and means room – 3 time felon, drug addict, spent 6 months in electrician classes, working so many hours now , able to be with his family again.  More jobs than people right now.  Anemic growth was the new normal – fact is something has happened.  Goldilocks economy, labor has value – st joseph the workers job is to get you a job. Walk in door stack of job offers, more than homeless people – showing up at job is so powerful -now they can give people a way  to get to  work.    Free college conversation -make university free – gov will control everything and there is a cost for everything.  People promise lunacy, gov will run the university- professors pay, admins, etc – not as attractive anymore especially to acadamia.   Drug prices – big pharma protection act – dems passed legislation to lower drug prices, imports reference pricing by … protects big pharma.  We are Living in the moment of miracles for a cure – conservatives give a damn, bringing miracles to cure diseases, on the cusp of doing amazing things – we cannot the control freaks/dems – drive them insane share this fact – when you go home to watch cnbc, cnn – watching algorhythm – designed to keep you hooked – how many times they need to say impeachment, Donald trump – being played for fools moving us to polarization and rage/for profit. Lots of border multi wall  zones under construction now – amount of money on wall litigation is astounding.  Whole nother group of suits about ready to hit. Working poor in the country don’t have to compete with illegals for work – immigration crushes the poor – economic vitality, labor has gone up in value. More for the poor in the last 24 months than last 24 years. Faux compassion on the left is actually cruel – working poor compete with illegals.  Birth rates have collapse – Arizona is leading this trend. Lots of demographics Hispanic/native americans birth rates have collapsed – Hispanic americans – ed, marriage, etc – melting pot is working – how do we encourage family formation ?  revolution in immigration be talent based system – or we wont have resources.  Az republic hearings on illegals refugee status/conditions – all pictures from bho admin.  The world works on incentives and disincentives – Mexico making immigrants wait in Mexico has dramatically decreased immigration.  Az republic gets paid for how many clicks an article receives.  Az rep subscribers lean left and very left. New caravan coming – may not be able to even enter Mexico. 

People exiting many states and moving to az – economic refugees – cal will lose a congressional seat – we don’t completely know what the effect will be. People leaving cal for ideological reasons – first time seen.  Need to do better job of knocking on that new neighbors door. Heat Maps – single seat away from losing the az state house – a couple hundred votes.  Large apartment complexes – dems spent months knocking on doors.  These voters ballots dropped off on the same day – 1200 ballots on same day – Peoria, buckeye, etc – impossible to prosecute. Dems have won the intimidation game – no bumper stickers, etc. Don’t let them win – dems movtivate their base with hate and rage – last couple years least violent in the world – people are coming together. Real way they are making progress, is dems are outworking us…..if your idea of political activism is pounding a keyboard it wont work – we need to knock on doors.  Helen Purcell – need to get over being unhappy with fellow republicans.  At the bottom the ballot is ballot fatigue/undervote – 2016 undervote on president.  We need to make sure voters don’t skip this important election.  Polling set statistics – we have a ground game battle. Personally written Mailbox and knocking on doors – high touch campaign.  Thousands of notes and envelopes – hand addressed. Political elections – stuffing envelopes – automation ruled for a long time – we need volunteers again – hand written notes are the best. So much money will be dumped into this market – hosting a stuffing party at someones home call David’s cell.  7000 yard signs – coordinator for zip codes.  150 volunteer committed to driving around 30 nights —– 602-619-3330 davids cell phone

7% of the independents are persuadeable – who are those people ? David is going to try to find out.

Our job is turnout

Suzanne Klapp – running for Mayor – has termed out of councilwoman – welcome input – petition to sign

Virginia Korte – running for Mayor of Scottsdale – sold dealership in 1998 – involved in community for 33 years CEO of SCCommerce, taught biology at community college, bring Scottsdale to 2050 vision.

1st VP – next month speaker CEO AZ Chamber of Commerce – March is Helen Purcell – April Steve Schweikert – invited Debbie Lesko and Martha McSally – lead the way to make sure AZ stays red

$232 collected for Q of H – 3 tickets to be drawn

Face 10

Ace 25

Joker 50

QofH is ½ the kitty

No winners !

Barb adjourned 10:45